"[A]n important recognition to those who, from exile, do not give up acting in favor of human rights, but above all, of the courage for those who, from inside Iran, like Yasaman Aryani and the other comrades in struggle, put at risk their future to reaffirm a fundamental principle: laws that oblige you to wear or prohibit wearing of clothing are contrary to rights."

— Amnesty International Italia

Masih Alinejad is one of leading figures challenging the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Her broadcasts and social media posts reach millions of Iranians and help spur protests and activism throughout the country. But Masih does not live in Iran. She is living in exile in New York City, striving for the rights of Iranians from afar, after her journalism made staying in her homeland an impossibility.

Be My Voice chronicles Alinejad's critical work, and its impact in Iran and beyond. She inspires women across the country to publicly reject compulsory hijab, but her ability to do so makes her family a frequent target of the government, and Masih herself is the target of routine online harassment.

As protests in Iran increase, Alinejad has been a frequent guest of American news programs and has written guest editorials in major newspapers, continuing to do what she can to support her fellow Iranians. Be My Voice shows that Alinejad didn't suddenly come from nowhere, but rather that her years of steadfast advocacy and activism are now affecting a real change.

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