Considering Parenthood in a Climate Crisis

The Climate Baby Dilemma is the first film to address this unique and critical manifestation of climate anxiety.
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Palliative Care and Psychedelic Medicine

A growing number of states and municipalities are allowing terminally ill patients the opportunity to treat end-of-life anxiety and depression with the use of psilocybin (aka "magic") mushrooms. Canada is helping to lead the charge with a policy of un-enforcement, allowing a growing number of patients to access the medicine for psychotherapy.
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Meet Chicago's First Black Mayor

By the 1980s, Chicago had become defined in the national consciousness by a deeply entrenched political machine typified by corruption and cronyism. But the city's 1983 mayoral election presented the opportunity to chart a new course, with a broad-base, progressive coalition led by the person who would become the city's first Black mayor: Harold Washington.
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Uranium Mining's Impact on Native Communities

Over 500 uranium mines have been running throughout sacred homelands in the West and Southwest for over a decade. Though they have brought vast profits to their corporate owners, the biggest impact on the Diné people who live among them is pervasive disease and illness.
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What is the Right to Die?

Offers an engaging and entertaining lens through which to explore the growing Right-to-Die Movement, by taking an in depth look at one case study, and the toll such decisions can take on loved ones.
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