Addressing the Black Maternal Health Epidemic

Black people in America are 3-5 times more likely to die from complications resulting from pregnancy than their white peers. Birthing Justice explores how this vast disparity came to be, looking at the history of institutionalized medical racism, taking a broad survey of the various issues that contribute to the crises as it exists today, and speaking with professionals and activists whoa re providing solutions and creating much needed change.
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Documentaries for celebrating Pride Month

With open attempts to roll back strides gained by the LGBTQ+ community, this year's Pride Month feels like the most significant of recent memory. Video Project is proud to offer these films that share experiences, answer questions, and recognize diversity among our communities.
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Refugee Resettlement Rejuvenating Communities

The Azeins, a family from Sudan, spent six years in a refugee camp before being told they would be resettled in the town of Utica, NY.
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The Root Causes of the Housing Crisis

UNZIPPED: An Autopsy of American Inequality investigates the myriad causes for the growing epidemics of houselessness and unaffordability, using Venice, California as a microcosm for these widespread phenomenon.
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Gen Z Navigates Immigration, Faith, and Identity

Beginning in 2016, six teens, all the children of Bangladeshi immigrants, agreed to embark on an extended project documenting their lives. The film documents Mahmuda, Jahed, Ramisa, Saddique, Farzana, and Jabin as they navigate their faith, politics, education, sexual orientation, relationships with their parents, national identity, and more.
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