Black Surfing and Aquatic Culture

Wade in the Water offers a comprehensive examination of the past, present, and future of Black aquatic culture.
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Preserving the Cherokee Language

The Cherokee syllabary was the first written language developed on the North American continent, and the Cherokee language is deeply tied into Cherokee identity. However in 2019, the tri-council of federally-recognized Cherokee tribes declared the language to be in a state of emergency, with an estimated 2000 speakers remaining, most of whom are elders.
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Slavery's Impact on Family Trees

Rodney Williams and Susanna Grannis have never met and share little in common, but there's one significant factor that unites them: a common ancestor in notorious slave trader John Armfield.
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Life on Housing's Margins

As of 2023, there is nowhere in America in which a full-time worker earning minimum wage can afford a market-rate one-bedroom apartment. In recent decades, Single Room Occupancy hotels have played a private, stop-gap role in providing shelter for those on society's margins. In San Francisco, one of the wealthiest cities in the world, 20,000 residents call SROs home.
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Considering Parenthood in a Climate Crisis

The Climate Baby Dilemma is the first film to address this unique and critical manifestation of climate anxiety.
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