Interns Fighting Back Against Labor Abuse

Call Me Intern follows three different stories of internships gone awry, even at the most exclusive and respected organizations, and connects them to the larger socioeconomic forces shaping society.
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Werner Herzog as You've Never Seen Before

Directed by his longtime friend and collaborator Herbert Golder, the new documentary Ballad of a Righteous Merchant chronicles the filming of one of the famed filmmaker's more recent masterpieces, the surreal thriller My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done.
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International Students and Evangelical Christianity in America

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Chinese students arrive in the United States to attend college, a full third of the international student body in America. Waiting for them is a group of fervent evangelicals eager to introduce their religion to this group of students who are eager to culturally assimilate and find community.
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Living as a Muslim in Trump's America

How have Muslims in the U.S. been impacted by rising Islamophobia? American Muslim asks this question with unprecedented depth in a unique and timely film. Featuring a broad spectrum of the Muslim community, American Muslim highlights the ethnic and national diversity of Muslims in the U.S., and showcases how they are fighting against the current administration's "Muslim ban" through resilience and solidarity.
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Exploring the Experiences of Mixed-Race People

What are you? This loaded question is a familiar one to anyone with mixed-race heritage. What Are You? features frank and honest conversations with a variety of people who identify as mixed-race. Their conversations reveal just how difficult feelings of erasure and not belonging can be, and how they are able to create a healthy sense of identity.
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