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How Can Childhood Education Overcome Poverty?

Posted by Ashley on 1/30/2020 to News
What does it take to change a child's life? Set against the backdrop of a Britain rife with debates around class, identity, and social mobility, H is for Harry follows 11-year-old Harry as he starts at a brand new school in suburban London unable to read or write. For the next two years, Harry fights to improve academically and slowly begins to believe in a different future for himself.

Investigating the Alarming Militarization of America's Youth

Posted by Ashley on 1/28/2020 to News
The Young Marines has existed for over 50 years, but few are aware of this taxpayer-funded military camp for adolescents and teens. The Recruits puts this Department of Defense supported organization under the microscope, and investigates its operation as well as its effects on the children enrolled in the program.

Tackling Recidivism with Music

Posted by Ashley on 1/24/2020 to News
In Richmond, Virginia, an innovative program is looking at new and effective ways to fight re-incarceration and addiction. 16 Bars chronicles that program, led by hip-hop legend Speech of Arrested Development. Following four men on journeys towards a new life, the film makes a potent argument for how turning prisons into sites of investment can thwart generations of of toxic cycles.
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