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We've just upgraded The Video Project website, as you no doubt have seen.

Our new site features an entirely new design and is mobile responsive for viewing in phones or tablets. We've also made it easier to browse and find the films that may be most relevant to you. 

And we now offer Digital Site Licenses to colleges on most titles for just $100 more than the DVD price. 

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World's largest marine area protected in historic agreement

Very good news for the world’s oceans. The last pristine ocean ecosystem remaining on earth is now protected thanks to a landmark agreement hammered out by 24 nations and the European Union. Over 600,000 square miles of the Ross Sea in Antarctica will be off-lmits to commercial fishing and hunting of marine life.

The Ross Sea is a deep bay in the Antarctic Ocean, which produces about three-quarters of the nutrients that sustain life in the rest of the world’s oceans, upwelled by currents that carry them around the world.

BBC - World’s largest marine protected area declared in Antarctica

THE LAST OCEAN film profiles the Ross Sea and the long international battle to protect it. Featuring top scientists, including Dr. Sylvia Earle and Dr. Daniel Pauly, as well as international political leaders, the film examines both the science and politics behind the efforts to preserve Earth’s last truly wild ocean.
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American Public Health Association Screens 6 Films

The 2016 American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Conference has selected six Video Project films to screen at the event in late October in Denver.

The six films are:

Shout Gladi Gladi

How I Got Over

My Depression

The Battle of amfAR

Free the Mind

The Last One

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Films for the 2016 Elections

A selection of our films that provide background on key issues or historical context for this year's election. and beyond.
California High: The Great Marijuana Debate
A balanced look at the controversy over the legalization of marijuana and its far-ranging consequences.

The life and impact of the woman who made history as the first female Vice Presidential nominee of a major political party.

Chronicles the ground-breaking LGBT civil rights victories of the first four openly gay elected California state legislators -- all women.

Oscar Nominee. The history and impact of the voting rights movement through the personal story of a Southern barber and activist.

The story of former Republican Congressman Pete McCloskey, a true political "maverick” who broke the usual party mold for politicians.

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New Films for Fall 2016

We're  excited to offer our new releases for Fall 2016 on an important range of critical concerns.



The PDF is linked to all film pages.

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