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Wildfires' New Normal

Posted by Ashley on 9/24/2019 to News
As the world continues to see larger, longer, and more devastating wildfires, the questions arise: what is causing the frequency of such intense fires to increase, and what can be done to prevent them?

A High School Take on Presidential Politics

Posted by Ashley on 9/20/2019 to News
The Candidates documents the 2016 election (both real and fake), its effects on students, their evolving political perspectives, and a result that no one saw coming.

A Terrifying Disease Seeks Legitimacy in New Documentary

Posted by Ashley on 9/20/2019 to News
Skin Deep speaks with advocates, skeptics, and sufferers alike to explore this troubling phenomenon, and shines a light on how the medical community reacts to emerging diseases.

A Roadmap for Winning Workers' Rights

Posted by Ashley on 9/12/2019 to News
Narrated by Danny Glover, Union Time is sure to be a touchstone for labor movements for years to come.

A Refreshing New Perspective on Autism

Posted by Ashley on 9/10/2019 to News
A film that is certain to inspire and provide a blueprint for those on the autism spectrum, as well as their family, friends, and educators.
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