What is educational/institutional licensing?

Rather than simply providing copies of our films, Video Project's pricing also includes an educational license with public performing rights. The license and rights allow our customers to use our films for public benefit in various ways. Proper licensing provides critical support for independent documentarians to be able to continue their work.

Educational licenses are single-site use, meaning they cannot be used to screen at multiple locations, and cannot be transferred between organizations.

What does an educational/institutional license allow?

Our most accessible price point allows films to be used in perpetuity for non-commercial use within the purchasing organization. Films may be shown in the classroom, library, as well as used for circulation. Local non-profits, businesses, and government institutions may also license films for internal use among their membership/employees. Licenses include a DVD that can be retained by the purchasing institution, and there is also the option to receive a digital file.

Digital Site License

All of our films are also available with Digital Site Licenses, commonly referred to as "DSL"s. A DSL allows the purchasing organization, most commonly colleges and universities, to host a digital file of the film on an internal server or 3rd party platform for secured streaming access to authenticated users. Our DSLs are perpetual, so do not need to be renewed. In addition to receiving a file download link via email shortly following their order, customers will also receive a DVD.

Digital pricing is also available for other institutions; please see our films' individual sales pages for pricing info.

Community Screening License

Many of our films are also available for in-person and virtual community screenings. A community screening license is necessary when a customer wishes to screen the film beyond their organization to the public or broader community, and also allows for admission or donations to be collected. If you are interested in arranging a community screening, please complete this form. To learn more about community screening FAQs and licensing rights, please visit community screening info.