"From the very first words and images that appear on-screen in the documentary Lights of Baltimore, you know you are in the hands of a skilled filmmaker with some poetry in her soul. [...] Even as the film offers its own distinct visual interpretation of Baltimore, it explores the battle over imagery of the city and the politics involved in different interpretations: framing and narratives from law enforcement authorities, citizens seeking social change, and the media."

- The Baltimore Sun

In 2015, Freddie Gray died while in Baltimore Police custody. The events and lack of accountability surrounding Gray's death sparked a city-wide movement, which would come to lay a blueprint for the global protests seen in 2020. Lights of Baltimore chronicles the social, political, and historical contexts that led to the events of April 15th, 2015, deftly examines the the practices of over-policing and mass surveillance, and poetically explores the aftermath that is still being felt today.

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