Realizing the potential of documentary films to educate, inspire and compel audiences, fostering a more just and sustainable society.

Video Project believes documentary films can shape minds and change lives. Founded in 1983, we are recognized as one of the leading documentary film distributors to educational institutions in the United States. Our buyers look to us to curate and distribute cutting edge social interest documentaries that explore the most pressing issues facing our society.

We value each filmmaker partnership, and offer competitive rates and flexible terms tailored to a film's potential. Working with Video Project to distribute your film opens the door to our well-cultivated buyers in the educational market, our knowledge of best practices for delivering optimal distribution outcome, as well as community screenings. VOD streaming placement, in-flight sales, impact campaign development, and more.


Video Project was founded in 1983 by Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Vivienne Verdon-Roe (Women for America, For the World) and Oscar nominee Ian Thiermann (In the Nuclear Shadow: What Can the Children Tell Us). View Vivienne's Oscar Acceptance Speech. View Women for America, For the World.

After being privately owned for many years, in 2019 Video Project returned to its roots as a non-profit 501 (c)(3), public charity.

Video Project Board of Directors

Michael Mitrani
President and Chair of the Board

Edwardo Madril
Board Member

Elivia Shaw
Board Member

Kathy Douglas
Board Member

Kevin White
Board Member

Video Project Team

Michael Kuehnert
Director of Acquisitions and Business Development

Eric DeBoer

Jennifer Crystal Chien

Arlin Golden
Director of Operations

Bernadette McVerry
Graphic Designer

Ashley Fakava
Educational Outreach and Marketing Coordinator

Norlan Noguera
Community Screening Outreach Coordinator

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