As charming, intimate and warm-hearted an observational documentary as you'd ever want to see [...] School Life also provides an empathetic example of what it takes to enable children to learn and flourish as well as an examination of exceptional teachers and an up-close illustration of just how it is they do what they do so well."

— Los Angeles Times

For nearly 50 years, married couple Amanda and John Leyden have been standing at the front of classrooms at Ireland's Headfort School. The school's approach to education is one that centers on collaboration with students, allowing them to help guide the parameters of their own learning. Headfort's renown is such that it attracts primary school students from around the world.

School Life, which premiered at Sundance and was an international film festival favorite, showcases what can be achieved when a school is well-resourced, has low turnover, small class sizes, gives arts education the same prominence as other subject areas, and engages students to be participants in their own curriculum. Viewers will watch an impassioned staff, some of whom were once students at Headfort, inspire their pupils to new heights and realize their potential. Brimming with humor and reverence for education, School Life is sure to delight and inspire in equal measure.

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