"Compelling viewing[...]Balanced, insightful and entertaining, Sosa-Sims' doc illustrates the double standards that exist in politics, and tips its hat to the hardworking women willing to challenge the status quo."

— Movie Pie

In Western legislatures there are now more female representatives than ever before, yet many of our political leaders are still forced to navigate challenges and double standards that seem to never burden their male counterparts. Hunting in Packs follows Pramila Jayapal (Democrat, US), Michelle Rempel Garner (Conservative, Canada), and Jess Philips (Labour, UK) as they seek to achieve their policy goals, reelection, and leadership within their parties. Traversing national and political divides to highlight the commonalities and differences among the trajectories of these prominent political figures, Hunting in Packs makes clear the necessity for true parity in our political institutions.

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