"A poignant depiction of the sacrifice many are forced to make in order to support their families. It's a stunningly cinematic and beautiful film about the migration, reflection, and reconnection of one family that skirts an overtly political and formulaic narrative in favor of illuminating all the magic that happens in the space, silence and stillness in between movements."


In 2022 over 2 million people crossed the border from Mexico to seek new lives the United States, yet all too often those individual stories are lost in a sea of sociopolitical discourse cycles that have little to do with the lived reality of migrants. The Time of the Fireflies seeks to challenge prevailing narratives about undocumented immigration by highlighting the cultural and economic underpinnings that make so many leave behind the only lives they have ever known.

The film focuses on Miguel, who arrived in New York City at 16, continuing a practice performed by many in his community, including his father. Desperate to return to the comforts of home and family, he nevertheless continues to work extremely long hours, while seeking a quality education, in the hopes of bettering his life as well as those of his loved ones. A compelling narrative told with confidant, award-winning film-making grounded in empathy, The Time of the Fireflies offers viewers an opportunity to revisit their beliefs and preconceptions about undocumented immigration.

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