"I want to create more understanding for people who are highly ambitious and working in their career and willing to be successful and also the family supporting them."

- Director Erika Haavisto

The San Francisco Bay Area has become a beacon for young would-be entrepreneurs looking to come and make their millions. Modeling themselves after dubious tech celebrities like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, this new crop of business-minded people puts work above all else in order to set themselves on a path to fame and fortune. But at what cost?

Silicon Valley, Baby is a unique and personal account of one immigrant's journey to create the "Uber of instant coffee". With little more than a palpable passion at his disposal, Kalle quickly learns the harsh realities of venture capital funding and team-management, while trying to maintain his long-standing relationship with his partner, who stands on the other end of the camera lens. A valuable plea for a more sustainable work-life balance as well as a cautionary tale for a generation taken in by the concept of the self-made tech billionaire, Silicon Valley, Baby is an entertaining and rare documentary that asks the viewer to question the metrics by which we measure success.

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