"Linda's Last Trip is actually quite brilliant, and incredibly well done.

?Delicate, artistic and well informed. A fine piece of film making."

?— Dr. Sean O'Sullivan, McMaster University

A growing number of states and municipalities are allowing terminally ill patients the opportunity to treat end-of-life anxiety and depression with the use of psilocybin (aka "magic") mushrooms. Canada is helping to lead the charge with a policy of un-enforcement, allowing a growing number of patients to access the medicine for psychotherapy.

Linda's Last Trip documents the palliative care of one such patient, Linda Patchett, who is living with a terminal cancer diagnosis. She is very fearful about her impending death, particularly about changes to her once active lifestyle and the thought of that her family will have to go on living without her. With the support and encouragement of her son, a doctor himself, Linda uses psilocybin under the care and supervision of healthcare professionals, and emerges with a new lease on death.

A remarkably intimate and caring film, Linda's Last Trip offers unique insights into the psyche of a dying person, and makes the case for the efficacy of psilocybin treatment in helping patients come to terms with their mortality.

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