"The Climate Baby Dilemma is an important film to help young people navigate the complex personal decisions many are struggling with due to the climate crisis. Through intimate, relatable stories, the film powerfully conveys the question about parenting choices and offers educators a useful tool to help students explore this issue."

— Climate Mental Health Network

As alarming climate thresholds appear to be less than a generation away, the question of whether or not to have children is taking on increased urgency for Millennials and Gen Z. Is it responsible to subject a child to the realities of a warming planet? And what impact would a new human have on an already worrisome climate trajectory?

The Climate Baby Dilemma is the first film to address this unique and critical manifestation of climate anxiety. Featuring prominent science writer Dr. Britt Wray, the film takes viewers on a journey to see how climate change is, or isn't, impacting peoples' decisions around becoming parents. At once sobering and hopeful, The Climate Baby Dilemma posits a way forward for both the planet and future generations.

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