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Searching for Small-Town Reconciliation Through Football

Posted by by Ashley on 4/29/2021 to News

"Encompasses how sports can be used to reconciliate racial differences...Football is simple. Get the ball, score touchdowns, and win. Though, in Flat Town, the power of reconciliation shines as a small Louisiana town is united by football and the sport acts as a form of intergenerational, anti-racist reconciliation." - Reel South

In Ville Platte, Louisiana an annual tradition brings together the town's racially segregated schools and communities to revel in a game of football, dubbed The Tee Cotton Bowl. Now under their first Black mayor, the game is at once a symbol of Ville Platte's progress as well as a reminder of a bitter history of racial tensions, many of which remain evident to this day in the town's schools and generational economic divisions. Flat Town shows the work being undertaken to unite a divided town through the common ground of sport, and highlights the important conversations that are able to take place as a result.

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