"Does an excellent job explaining the issues and unveiling exactly what's at stake in a sacred place that has been treated as a sacrifice zone since white colonization began, while also revealing the beauty of the San Juan Basin. We highly recommend it." — The Land Desk

The Greater Chaco region, home to Pueblo, Diné, and Navajo peoples for generations, contains some of the oldest cultural sites in North America. Over 90% of it is now leased for oil and gas extraction. The result is a community without access to clean water and suffering a host of ailments from environmental pollution. Our Story - the Indigenous Led Fight to Protect Greater Chaco is a document of, and by, the native communities who call this land home and are fighting to preserve what remains of it. As a coalition of tribal leaders and grassroots organizers struggle to sustain themselves on an extracted landscape, Our Story presents the latest chapter in the centuries-long saga of exploitation of indigenous lands, told from an indigenous perspective.

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