"As Prescribed is a powerful portrayal of the reality of benzo misprescription – a global issue that is all too often poorly understood by health professionals and legislators. Extensively researched and sensitively filmed, it is also a celebration of individual and collective determination, courage and vision; it’s a truly educational and inspiring watch.”

— Gerri McHugh MA MSc MBA, Founder and Director, Global Health Film

Benzodiazepines, aka benzos, have become widely prescribed to treat ailments well beyond their approved uses, which can often result in serious injury. Geraldine Burns is a benzo prescription survivor turned advocate, lobbying her state to adopt informed-consent legislation to help stem the tide of benzo over-prescription. Filmed by Holly Hardman, who herself endured personal struggles with benzodiazepine prescription, As Prescribed highlights the serious impacts of benzo mis-prescription by looking at those who sought only treatment and ended up struggling with years of dysfunction, as well as Burns' fight to change legal and medical standard to address years of evidence that these drugs have the capacity to upend lives.

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