"Decomposes the colonial gaze through repurposing footage shot from a western perspective to expand the realities of the Congolese



A Dutch filmmaker arrives in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo and employs a local crew in an attempt to make a film that subverts colonial modes of representation typical of Western engagement in Africa. Some local filmmakers thought such a feat would be impossible to achieve by a foreign director, let alone one from a formerly colonizing nation.

Bernadette Vivuya and Kagoma Twahirwa gained access to the footage shot by Joris Postema and his crew and re-edited and added to it in order to create a film that can be said to truly represent a Congolese perspective on decolonialism, cinematic representations, and a path forward for self-determination. Stop Filming Us but Listen is the gripping and innovative sequel to Stop Filmi?ng Us. Featuring a wealth of new footage and interviews that put the previous film into greater relief, Stop Filming Us but Listen asks viewers to rethink long-held concepts about media representation and consider the marked differences it makes when people and communities are given space to tell their owns stories.

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