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Forever Wild (Home Use Only)

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Forever Wild: celebrating america’s wilderness is a one-hour documentary that portrays the splendor and tremendous values of one of America’s greatest

A Film by First Light Films

55 minutes

Grade 8 - Adult
Item #:FOR-1005-H

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Hosted by Robert Redford
Featuring the Prose of Terry Tempest Williams, read by the author

Forever Wild celebrates America's commitment to wilderness and its preservation. Shot in high definition, the film captures the glory of undeveloped, wild places through visually stunning images. It also profiles America’s modern wilderness heroes – individuals who have volunteered countless hours and immeasurable energy to ensure that these wild places remain forever wild.

In 1964, for the first time in human history, America created a law to keep the wildest lands wild and save part of the world from the dominion of man. The passage of the Wilderness Act also gave ordinary Americans a tool for protecting our most pristine mountains, forests, deserts, prairies, and rivers from the steady march of development.

Wilderness preservation advocates featured in the film include a 3rd generation logger, a school teacher in New Hampshire, a nurse in California and three busy mothers in Colorado. These volunteers, and so many more, have used their voices and our democracy to protect America's wildest mountains, forests, deserts, prairies, and rivers.

Today, energy development, sprawl, timber harvesting, and motorized recreation threaten to overrun many of America’s unprotected wild places. Forever Wild renews our understanding of the majesty of wild lands, the ecological necessity of protecting them, and the important role individual Americans continue to play in preserving a legacy of wilderness for all to enjoy.

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Forever Wild (Home Use Only)
Forever Wild (Home Use Only)

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