"A penetrating look at the radioactive desert of the Navajo Reservation suffering from the effects of decades of uranium mining, Demon Mineral paints a devastating portrait of bureaucratic inaction and its long-term impact on human life. This fascinating documentary employs an array of well-sourced scientific data, coupled with archival and on-the-ground footage, to bring into vivid focus the heartbreaking toll of omnipresent radiation on the Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah Indigenous population"

- Zaki Hasan, San Jose State University

Over 500 uranium mines have been running throughout sacred homelands in the West and Southwest for over a decade. Though they have brought vast profits to their corporate owners, the biggest impact on the Diné people who live among them is pervasive disease and illness. Demon Mineral centers the voices of Native researchers, activists, and community members advocating for their right to live self-determined lives on sacred homelands where clean water and livestock have become oral history. Presenting a counterpoint to the classical cinematic representations of "The West" offered by Hollywood, Demon Mineral is a rich film that unpacks the United State's history of resource extraction on Native lands.

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