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The Short Films of Elizabeth Lo

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Films directed by Elizabeth Lo

Mother's Day directed w/ R. J. Lozada Treasure Island directed w/Melissa Langer

47 minutes • Closed Captioned

Grades 9 - Adult
Item #:ELO-1128

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A remarkable talent in the documentary arena, Elizabeth Lo's moving films highlight American societies' overlooked communities as they navigate the increasing states of inequality. Often forgotten, or even subjugated, by official institutions, Lo's sharp eye captures subjects young and old across the social spectrum, their communities, and the often makeshift solutions to these urgent public issues.

Hotel 22, 9 min

An early morning bus route serves as an ad-hoc shelter for Palo Alto's homeless.

FILMMAKER'S STATEMENT: "I was interested in making a film that took place entirely on a bus because I was intrigued by the idea of public transportation as these socially dynamic spaces where a collision of classes can reveal something about society."
-Elizabeth Lo

Some Explicit Language

Bisonhead, 9 min

A family of Ponderai Native Americans attempt to exercise their treaty rights of a traditional bison hunt under the constraints placed on them by the government.

FILMMAKER'S STATEMENT:"I was interested in exploring a lot of complicated questions around the continued colonization of the West: what it means to assert tribal sovereignty today, who national parks are really created for, what does entitlement to land look and feel like...from a formal perspective, I was interested in making a film that had the controlled aesthetic of a Western - a nonfiction take on the genre but from the contemporary perspective of a real Ponderai Native American family and their lived experience."
-Elizabeth Lo

Mother's Day (co-directed with R. J. Lozada), 8 min

A powerful portrait of a charity-run service that buses children to visit their imprisoned mothers explores the impact of mass-incarceration on a generation of youth.

FILMMAKER'S STATEMENT:"We made Mother's Day to remind us of the steep price an entire generation of youth -- and by extension, our nation -- has to pay because of systems that remain broken across America. The incarceration epidemic is not just today's problem; it's a structural disaster that stretches across generations, and will be with us for many years to come."
-Elizabeth Lo

Notes from Buena Vista, 9 min

In the shadows of wealth-collecting Silicon Valley, the area's last working-class mobile home park faces an existential crisis.

FILMMAKER'S STATEMENT:"Through portraits of the many families that live in the mobile home park, I hope that this film will glimpse into the lives of these residents and reveal what's at stake for Palo Alto if this entire community of 400 residents is forced out of it."
-Elizabeth Lo

Treasure Island (co-directed with Melissa Langer), 7 minutes

Follows the children of families housed in San Francisco's public housing units, located on a former naval base still teeming with nuclear waste.

FILMMAKER'S STATEMENT: "Treasure Island explores how children living in public housing on a former naval base have created fantastical stories about the real dangers they face due to the radiation buried beneath their homes. We were interested in how children internalized threats that emerge out of the intersections between class and environmental issues."
-Elizabeth Lo

Last Stop in Santa Rosa, 5 minutes

Lo's first film profiles the Bright Haven animal hospice in Santa Rosa and raises questions about the common practice of euthanasia for pets.

FILMMAKER'S STATEMENT:"I hoped to raise more universal questions about what it means to induce death -- or prolong life -- in both people and animals. At its core, this is a film about the dilemmas we face when our loved ones near the end stages of life."
-Elizabeth Lo

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The Short Films of Elizabeth Lo
The Short Films of Elizabeth Lo

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