"Brings science and sentiment together in an exceptionally moving way."

— Variety

Loneliness and depression are afflictions all too commonly experienced by elders living alone, with one in four people over the age of 65 being considered socially isolated. Can a small plastic robot with a computerized voice be the remedy for this growing public health issue?

That's the question asked by Alice Cares, a film that has both human nature and the scientific process under the microscope. Focusing on thee women testing the robot's efficacy, a team of scientists constantly monitors Alice's interactions and progress through a camera in the robot's eye in order to improve Alice's behavior to the point where she might be considered a true companion. As time goes on, the three women form a bond with "her" that has the potential to alleviate adverse health risks posed by chronic loneliness. Having played some of the world's top documentary film festivals, Alice Cares is as entertaining and engaging as it is insightful and revealing, documenting what might later be considered the emergence of a new age in science, healthcare, and society.

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