"This film is extraordinary; it feels raw, authentic, and powerfully stirring. The film does an outstanding job capturing the complex family dynamics that often arise at the end, and the desire of friends and family to keep their loved one around for longer—the bargaining for time, the idea that you still look 'fine' now, the notion that you're taking yourself away form them. Jack Has a Plan is a gem."

— Anita Hannig, Author, The Day I Die: The Untold Story of Assisted Dying in America

Jack Tuller thought he beat a brain tumor 25 years ago, but a sudden decline in his cognitive functioning signals an aggressive return. Facing another arduous round of treatment, Jack makes the decision to take control of his mortality by ending life on his own terms. Jack Has a Plan offers an engaging and entertaining lens through which to explore the growing Right-to-Die Movement, by taking an in depth look at one case study, and the toll such decisions can take on loved ones.

Over the course of the film viewers will get to know Jack, his friends, family, and healthcare providers. Their experiences and viewpoints help illuminate the myriad factors that go into arriving at arguably the most consequential decision one can make. But far from a morbid and solemn treatment of death and mortality, Jack Has a Plan is a jubilant and celebratory document of a life well-lived, the impact we have on those around us, and the importance of patient-driven healthcare.

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