"This documentary humanely illustrates the magic of resettlement that happens in local communities across America on a daily basis. It's

important for every person in this country to see how resettlement

works, and how it changes everyone involved for the better."

— Trinh Truong, Research Assistant, Center for American Progress

The Azeins, a family from Sudan, spent six years in a refugee camp before being told they would be resettled in the town of Utica, NY. Utica: the Last Refuge chronicles their first two and half years in the US, and looks at the community that opened their arms to them, as well as the institutions that help refugees achieve success.

As manufacturing left Utica in the 90s, their tax base followed, but the city reinvented itself as a hub of refugee resettlement, and learned in short order that the long-term benefits of these new residents far outweighed the short term costs and adjustment period. Utica: the Last Refuge challenges common narratives and misconceptions about refugee resettlement and their impacts on communities, and shows how thoughtful civic humanitarianism can benefit everyone.

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