"A story of resetting the fractures of lines of First Speakers to pass on their language to their children and grandchildren[...]The story is full of hope from the elders who want to pass on their view of the world, for the children to hear the language as they did when they were growing up."

— Sonny Sellars, Tribal Tribune

?    ?The Cherokee syllabary was the first written language developed on the North American continent, and the Cherokee language is deeply tied into Cherokee identity. However in 2019, the tri-council of federally-recognized Cherokee tribes declared the language to be in a state of emergency, with an estimated 2000 speakers remaining, most of whom are elders. ????? (We Will Speak) highlights history of the language, the ways in which assimilation efforts led to its disuse, and the impassioned educators, activists, and artists who are leading the charge to revitalize and preserve the language for future generations.

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