"Captures the intense and often generational nature of addiction through portraits of two women trying to escape its clutches"

-RiverRun International Film Festival

Some estimates put the number of children in the US living with at least one parent suffering from addiction at 1 in 8. Parenthood and addiction both offer a set of unique challenges, and their intersection often proves to exacerbate issues with each. Original Body of Pain looks at this all too common set of circumstances, and the effort and support structures required to overcome addiction for the benefit not only of one's self, but their families as well.

The film offers a honest and intimate portrait of two mothers, Lisa and Ashley, who have been in and out of a recovery home for women in North Carolina, established because of the state's high infant mortality rate. Dealing with the shame and guilt wrought by having to manage addiction while trying to stay out of the prison system and maintain custody of their children, these women generously share their experiences so as to better support the countless mothers going through the same struggles. Essential for programs and collections concerned with public health and child development, among others, Original Body of Pain presents an altogether unique angle on the American opioid epidemic.

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