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Glasnost Film Festival: Final Verdict & The Evening Sacrifice

Films by Herz Frank and Alexander Sokurov

86 minutes

Scene Selection • Closed Captioned

Grades 11 - Adult
Item #:GFF-1191

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Volume 11 of the Glasnost Film Festival.

The Glasnost Film Festival is a 12 DVD collection featuring 22 documentary films produced or released in the beginning of the "Glasnost Era" in the Soviet Union, 1986-1988. These independent films definitively document the historic cultural and political shifts that led to greater openness and the eventual demise of the Soviet Union in 1991.

All were produced originally on 35mm film and are subtitled in English.

Final Verdict, 68 min.
A Film by Herz Frank

An intense personal examination of the motivations of Valerij Dolgov, a young man who has been sentenced to death for killing two people, one of which was a well-known trade union member. Taking us through his trial, imprisonment, confession, and eventual change, the film presents an appeal against the death penalty and questions how far society is to blame.

In Frank's own words, "It isn't a film about a murderer. It's about a person who confesses, and it's the confession of a murderer. It's no longer a film about murder, it's a film about what happens to the soul of a murderer."

The Evening Sacrifice, 18 min.
A Film by Alexander Sokurov

An experimental film that attempts to capture the spirit of a crowd in St. Petersburg on Victory Day. Praised as an underground artist, colleagues of Sokurov's cite that "he placed the camera in the right place and turned it on at the right moment."

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Glasnost Film Festival: Final Verdict & The Evening Sacrifice
Glasnost Film Festival: Final Verdict & The Evening Sacrifice

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