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Glasnost Film Festival: Against the Current & The Wood Goblin

45 minutes

Films by Dmitri Delov and Boris Kustov

Scene Selection • Closed Captioned

Grades 11 - Adult
Item #:GFF-1181

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Volume 1 of the Glasnost Film Festival.

The Glasnost Film Festivalis a 12 DVD collection featuring 22 documentary films produced or released in the beginning of the "Glasnost Era" in the Soviet Union, 1986-1988. These independent films definitively document the historic cultural and political shifts that led to greater openness and the eventual demise of the Soviet Union in 1991.

All were produced originally on 35mm film and are subtitled in English.

Against the Current, 27 min.
A Film by Dmitri Delov

A film about ecological crime and how the residents of Kirishi educate themselves to the meaning of citizenship. They are called extremists and "greenies", but they continue to organize protests of a major synthetic protein plant following an ecological disaster that poisoned and killed members of the community.

"We couldn't breathe, we coughed, we itched; we buried our children...but we can't put up with it anymore," a young woman shouts indignantly at a rally. The residents call the illness Bykov's Disease after the factory's founder, who is now a government minister.

The Wood Goblin: Confessions of an Old Man, 17 min.
A Film by Boris Kustov

For 15 years, Alexander Nikolayev has lived alone in the woods with a cat and two dogs, in a house he built himself. He commanded a tank company during World War II and became a local Communist Party chief after the war. Fired from his position after a smear campaign, he went away to live in the woods. As he puts it, he "joined the part of the green world" which he now defends against poachers and woodcutters.

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Glasnost Film Festival: Against the Current & The Wood Goblin
Glasnost Film Festival: Against the Current & The Wood Goblin

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