"A beacon of internet literacy about a whole new language -- that memes are flexible, omnipotent, and pieces of a phenomenon more powerful

than their creators." — RoberEbert.com

When underground comic-book artist Matt Furie created the character Pepe the Frog, it was a way for him to express his 20-something ennui through the lens of a fun animal. But once the internet found out about it, his creation began to take on frightening and hateful connotations. Now officially recognized as a hate symbol, the meme-ification of Pepe has helped draw countless new members into the Alt-Right, and may have even helped influence the 2016 presidential election.

Feels Good Man brilliantly narrativizes this amorphous internet phenomenon in a way that's easily understood by even the least tech-literate among us. Premiering at Sundance and screening at numerous major film festivals since, it tells Furie and Pepe's story with pathos and humor. An essential text for courses on media studies, political science, and artist rights, Feels Good Man is sure to be discussed for years to come.


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