"Remarkable to watch how quickly Maté connects with people, understands where their trauma originates, and begins to help them work through it to find themselves...The Wisdom of Trauma urges its audiences to ask why, collectively, we respond to trauma the way that we do in schools, hospitals, and the criminal justice system."

— YES! Magazine

With accelerating rates of addiction, anxiety, suicide, and a host of other illnesses, The Wisdom of Trauma positions trauma as a root cause to ailments both mental and physical, as well as societal. The film follows celebrated doctor Gabor Maté, a retired physician, bestselling author, and Holocaust survivor. Dr. Maté now devotes his time to educating about trauma, what causes it, its impacts, and how it might be worked through. The film showcases Maté's approach and techniques, as we bear witness to his unique method of Socratic inquiry that guides individuals to identify their own traumas and begin their journeys to overcome them. In broadening the scope of how we conceive of and treat trauma, The Wisdom of Trauma is an essential resource for those striving to reimagine our institutions as places not only of compassion and understanding, but also more effective treatment.

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