"Addresses the dehumanization of Black boys by attempting the reverse: reconstructing them to show they are worth the care and respect they're systematically denied in America...director, Sonia Lowman, takes a commendable poetic approach." — The New York Times

At a time when we are routinely made to bear witness to the devaluation and destruction of Black boys and men in America, it has become more clear than ever that our institutions need to be re-imagined. Black Boys poignantly and elegantly lays out the US's history of institutionalized racism, including in education, and the violence wrought by how that racism is then internalized individually and collectively.

At the same time, the film poses solutions for breaking these generations-long cycles and creating a more caring, safer, and supporting environment in which Black youth can thrive. Featuring experts, athletes, artists, students, and more, Black Boys invites the audience to listen to Black boys, learn from them, and help work towards a racially-just society in America for the first time.

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