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community screening

100 Years is the David vs. Goliath story of Elouise Cobell, a petite, Native American Warrior who filed the largest class action lawsuit ever filed against the United States.
The ground-breaking LGBT civil rights victories of the first four openly gay elected California state legislators who took the fight for equality from the streets and into the halls of government.
Kids Can Save the Planet is about Dylan D'Haeze and a simple question he had - What happens when we throw plastic away? The more he learned, the more he realized how big the problem is.
Once a successful Wall Street banker, John Ubaldo quit his career after the loss of a personal friend in the 9/11 attacks and purchases 185 acres of land in order to pursue a bigger dream.
Video Project is pleased to offer speaking engagements
STRAWS is a short documentary about plastic straw litter and how we can make a sea of change...one straw at a time.
Teach Us All is aimed at providing equal access to quality education for all students.
Art of the Prank is an emotional and humorous journey following the evolution of Joey Skaggs, godfather of the media hoax, as he tries to pull off the most challenging prank of his career.
Caviar Dreams delves beyond the assumed glamour of this delicacy and into overfishing, poaching, and near extinction of the sturgeon.