What are therapeutic boarding schools?

Every year up to 100,000 students in the U.S. will spend time in a so-called "therapeutic boarding school," sometimes also referred to as "troubled teen facilities." In adulthood, a former student experiences a post-traumatic episode and decides to make a film investigating her experience at one of these schools in order to come to terms with the way it impacted her life and those of her classmates.
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Lead's Continuing Impact on Our Communities

In 1922 every member country of The League of Nations signed a ban on lead-based paint, except one: The United States.
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Exploring Trauma's Influence on Modern Society

The Wisdom of Trauma positions trauma as a root cause to ailments both mental and physical, as well as societal. 

The film follows celebrated doctor Gabor Maté, a retired physician, bestselling author, and Holocaust survivor. Dr. Maté now devotes his time to educating about trauma, what causes it, its impacts, and how it might be worked through.
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Do Police Belong in Schools?

When students at Spring Valley High School post a video on social media of a School Resource Officer throwing a classmate out of her desk, a global media firestorm ensues. On These Grounds goes beyond the viral video to speak directly with the officer and student at the heart of the controversy, as well as other students, educators, activists, and experts to provide a nuanced, thorough, and revealing analysis of this alarming incident.
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Turning Around Underperforming School Systems

A blueprint for achievement that can be used by schools throughout the country, Petersburg Rising demonstrates that with thoughtful and focused resources and support, any school can give their students the educations they deserve.
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