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Political Climate: Vote For Your Future

Posted by Ashley on 9/4/2020 to News
From the filmmakers of Kids Can Save the Planet, Political Climate: Vote for Your Future is available for free until the November election. Political Climate: Vote for Your Future is a powerful telling of the climate crisis threatening our world.

How a Cartoon Frog Changed the World

Posted by Ashley on 9/3/2020 to News
When underground comic-book artist Matt Furie created the character Pepe the Frog, it was a way for him to express his 20-something ennui through the lens of a fun animal. But once the internet found out about it, his creation began to take on frightening and hateful connotations.

Environmental Progress IS Possible

Posted by Ashley on 9/1/2020 to News
With the constant barrage of new environmental catastrophes it can be easy for fatigue to set in and hope to dwindle. But The Nature Makers shows that humans can still move the needle in meaningful ways for wildlife and the environment.

Addressing Mental Health and School Shootings

Posted by Ashley on 5/28/2020
Over 20 years ago the world attempted to make sense of the shocking events at Columbine High School. With such tragedies still occurring with alarming frequency, we are still doing the work of supporting our students so that everyone can feel safe at school.

A Better Future for Workers and Businesses

Posted by Ashley on 5/21/2020 to News
In today's hyper-competitive market place, how can workers ensure the fair and equitable distribution of the profits produced by their labor?
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