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DREAMers Filming and Sharing Their Own Lives

Posted by by Ashley on 3/9/2021 to News
Alejandra and Yoselina are two Oakland teenagers dealing with problems any teen will know well: stress from parents, school, and college admissions. In addition to these issues, they are both undocumented. The girls are given cameras to record their own lives and experiences, both good and bad. Using this footage, Ale y Yose shares the documentary-making process with its memorable subjects and brings a new collaborative dynamic to the form.

Family, Capitalism, and Globalization Converge in Mother

Posted by by Ashley on 3/4/2021 to News
Pomm is a nurse in Thailand who works at a care facility for Europeans with Alzheimer's. Her work requires her to provide care while being away from her own children. Maya is a mother in Switzerland whose family has made the difficult decision to move her to Thailand so that she can receive the best care for her developing condition.

Black and Asian American Communities United in Oakland

Posted by by Ashley on 3/4/2021 to News
With input from community members, two artists in Oakland conceive of a multi-wall mural celebrating a downtown neighborhood's history of protest, and the perseverance of the Black and Asian American communities that have shaped it over the years. But when the parking lot where the murals are planned gets slated for a new development, long-time residents find themselves shut out of a process that appears to benefit few outside of the developers and City Hall.

Pepe the Frog Documentary Listed as an ALA 2021 Notable Film for Adults

Posted by by Ashley on 2/5/2021 to News
The American Library Association released their annual list of Notable Films for Adults as compiled by their Film and Media Round Table: Notable Videos for Adults Committee, and among the 12 films was a Video Project film. FEELS GOOD MAN

Could Universal Preschool Close the Achievement Gap?

Posted by by Ashley on 2/4/2021 to News
Study after study shows the impact of early-childhood education on development and success later in life, yet the United States still only offers free public education beginning at kindergarten. This leaves lower income families at a distinct disadvantage, perpetuating cycles of poverty and societal inequality that span generations.
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