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How to Teach The Holocaust?

Posted by by Ashley on 4/22/2021 to News
In Germany, every student at the age of 14 is made to wrestle with the hard truths of their nation's history. But are the methods employed by educators truly serving their students? The Lesson offers a critical and artful portrait of modern teaching amidst the trouble return of right-wing extremism and ethnic scapegoating.

Disrupting Vicious Cycles for Black Boys

Posted by by Ashley on 4/15/2021 to News
At a time when we are routinely made to bear witness to the devaluation and destruction of Black boys and men in America, it has become more clear than ever that our institutions need to be re-imagined.

Doc Severinsen on The Tonight Show and Beyond

Posted by by Ashley on 4/13/2021 to News
Doc Severinsen is an icon of television and music, having led The Tonight Show band for nearly 3 decades during Johnny Carson's run. Now 93 and showing no signs of slowing down, Severinsen remains a fierce advocate for music education, and continues to record and tour, while mentoring the next generation of musicians.

Arts Education and Funding in Public Schools

Posted by by Ashley on 3/18/2021 to News
Central High School is embarking upon a new program that's the first of its kind for the area. Musically inclined students are offered a classroom space to meet, produce, rap, and join together in the spirit of artistic collaboration. The program proves to be a boon for struggling students, who become newly engaged in school and their communities.

Delving Into the Start-Up Inudstrial Complex

Posted by by Ashley on 3/16/2021 to News
The San Francisco Bay Area has become a beacon for young would-be entrepreneurs looking to come and make their millions. Modeling themselves after dubious tech celebrities like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, this new crop of business-minded people puts work above all else in order to set themselves on a path to fame and fortune. But at what cost?
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