The Root Causes of the Housing Crisis

UNZIPPED: An Autopsy of American Inequality investigates the myriad causes for the growing epidemics of houselessness and unaffordability, using Venice, California as a microcosm for these widespread phenomenon.
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Gen Z Navigates Immigration, Faith, and Identity

Beginning in 2016, six teens, all the children of Bangladeshi immigrants, agreed to embark on an extended project documenting their lives. The film documents Mahmuda, Jahed, Ramisa, Saddique, Farzana, and Jabin as they navigate their faith, politics, education, sexual orientation, relationships with their parents, national identity, and more.
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Muslim and Jewish Women Building Bridges

Amidst a rising tide of Islamophobia and antisemitism, two women from religions often thought to be pitted against one another came together to start regular meetings of members of their communities.

Stranger/Sister documents the rise and rapid expansion of The Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom, as this concept takes off and new chapters open in cities and communities across the country, each comprised of and co-led by women of both faiths.
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Decolonizing Media Practice in Africa

Stop Filming Us but Listen asks viewers to rethink long-held concepts about media representation and consider the marked differences it makes when people and communities are given space to tell their owns stories.
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Young People Taking Control of Democracy

People 29 and younger represent the largest generation of eligible voters in U.S. history, yet in 2016 just 39% of them cast a ballot in the presidential election. The Young Vote seeks to understand and address the myriad reasons for perpetual low youth voter turnout.
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