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Autism Goes to College

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A Film by Erik Linthorst and Jody Becker

63 minutes

Scene Selection • Closed Captioned

Grades 9 - Adult
Item #:AGC-1193

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As the number of students on the autism spectrum attending college steadily climbs, schools and students alike are trying to figure out how to manage the unique challenges experienced by this community. Getting accepted is often easy enough, but once on campus, navigating college can be challenging in many ways, often leaving students to figure it out as they go along.

Five students on the autism spectrum — Guillermo, Jasmine, Caroline, Jonathan, and Aniella — invite viewers into their dorms and classrooms to show the world how they make college work for them. They share their dreams, fears, failures, and successes with candid insights and humor.

The students in the film come up against the typical challenges any other college student would encounter such as academic loads, making friends, handling roommate situations, and handling money. Disability services counselors at colleges try out a patchwork of new approaches and programs to help both students and faculty better accommodate their unique needs.

Autism Goes to College is a first of its kind film, packed with honest insights for students, parents, and educators that offers an eye-opening look at what a growing number of neuro-diverse students are bringing to campuses.

FILMMAKER'S STATEMENT: "Following two students at the University of California Riverside, one at Cal State Long Beach, one at Cal State Fullerton and a fifth at Mt. San Jacinto Community College, we found students entering adulthood and college with ASDs eager to share their experiences, and encourage their peers to access college opportunities available to all academically capable students in the state.

They know there is no map for them, and we found that even if they feel lost for a while, they just keep moving forward. We were blown away by the insights and advice these students were ready to share. College was working for them pretty much because they were making it work.

In intimate interviews with students, their parents, professors, siblings and on-campus counselors, Autism Goes to College shows that a diploma and career path can be realistic goals for a population with historically high under and unemployment."
— Erik Linthorst

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Autism Goes to College
Autism Goes to College

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