"Alice Street reveals Oakland as a microcosm of what is happening across the American landscape" - Mill Valley Film Festival

With input from community members, two artists in Oakland conceive of a multi-wall mural celebrating a downtown neighborhood's history of protest, and the perseverance of the Black and Asian American communities that have shaped it over the years. But when the parking lot where the murals are planned gets slated for a new development, long-time residents find themselves shut out of a process that appears to benefit few outside of the developers and City Hall. The metaphor is potent, with wealthy business interests threatening to literally build over and obscure a rich cultural history, leaving fewer places for communities of color to hold space.

At a time when perceived tensions between these communities in Oakland is receiving national attention, Alice Street presents perhaps a less sensational but ultimately more hopeful truth: that of a community ready to stand side by side to see all of its residents thrive.

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