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A Film by Emma Zurcher-Long, Geneva Peschka, and Julia Ngeow

26 minutes

Scene Selection • Closed Captioned

Grades 6 - Adult
Item #:USK-1151

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Executive Produced by Vera Farmiga

14-year-old Emma Zurcher-Long invites the viewer on her quest to enrich understanding of what it means to be human in this collaborative self-portrait that portrays her dynamic life as an autistic teenager.

For years, Emma's intelligence was continually underestimated as she struggled to communicate her feelings, needs, and fears to her friends and family. But for the first time in her life, her true voice is finally heard when she begins typing, seeing and hearing the world in 'hi-res, technicolor and surround sound'. Through her keyboard, Emma strengthens her connection with others, and her insightful writing is both a catalyst for, and a remedy to, the fear and misunderstanding that surrounds autism.

Living in the beauty beyond spoken language, Emma is challenging the societal judgment surrounding autism, one keystroke at a time.

FILMMAKERS' STATEMENT: "UNSPOKEN is about me. A teen often misunderstood. And tells a story of love and acceptance that fosters hope and happiness to all involved."
-Emma Zurcher-Long

Our goal for Unspoken is to reshape the public’s perception of autism: removing the stigma and celebrating our incredible berth of diversity. Emma endeavors to craft this documentary as uplifting and inspiring to the viewer; revealing the beauty of her world despite the obstacles she faces. Unspoken is about breaking down the barriers of misconception as the line between director, subject and storyteller are blurred, redefined, and crossed entirely with Emma actively leading the charge both behind and in front of the camera.

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