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Tipping Point

A Film By Dylan D'Haeze

26 minutes

Scene Selection • Closed Captioned

Grades 6 - Adult
Item #:KSP-1139

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Second in the Kids Can Save the Planet Series

There is one issue that unites us all no matter what part of the world you live in: climate change.

But what is climate change? What is being done about it? And what can you do to help? In “Tipping Point”, 13-year-old filmmaker Dylan D'Haeze explores the ways in which humans have impacted the planet from the greenhouse effect causing ocean acidification to how industrial farming creates more methane. The film also goes over recent, drastic fluctuations in weather as well what is being neglected when those in charge turn a blind eye in order to increase profits for corporations.

It’s a multi-faceted look at the issues from a kid’s perspective! Join us on this epic journey through an issue that is of grave importance to your generation and future generations.

FILMMAKER'S STATEMENT: "Where do you go after you make a really popular film? You should make another one!"
-Dylan D'Haeze

Preview link available upon request. Contact [email protected] for more information
Tipping Point
Tipping Point

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