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Thirst For Power

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A Film By Mat Hames

61 minutes

Scene Selection • Closed Captioned

Grades 8 - Adult
Item #:TFP-1157

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Water is life. It is crucial to survival, a successful civilization, and the ability to make energy in our modern era. These two fundamental components are interconnected in society and when one is in short supply the other will be vulnerable. Adapted from Dr. Michael E. Webber's book of the same name, Thirst For Power explores our dependence on water for energy as well as the huge vulnerabilities in our current systems, exacerbated by climate change. 

Thirst For Power traces the history of civilization's quest to procure abundant water and energy. Filmed on location across the world, it explores the ruins of Roman aqueducts in France, the mountains and deserts of California, and the vast landscapes of Texas, and traces the mysterious connections between water and energy. The film asks us to change the way we think about water and energy and consider how these hidden links can secure the long-term abundance of both precious resources.

Combining anecdotes and personal stories with insights into the latest science of energy and water, this documentary identifies a hopeful path towards wise, long-range water-energy decisions, and a more reliable and secure future for humanity.


Thirst for Power is part of the Smart Energy Education program. For lessons, activities, games, and more, please visit smartenergyeducation.com

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Thirst For Power
Thirst For Power

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