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The Venus Theory

A Film by Pasi Toiviainen

52 Minutes

Grades 10 - Adult
Item #:VEN-921

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Featuring the pioneering work of world renowned scientist Dr. Charles Keeling, The Venus Theory clearly explains the science behind global warming.

Dr. Keeling's recordings of carbon dioxide at the Mauna Loa Observatory first alerted the world to the possibility of anthropogenic contribution to the "greenhouse effect" and global warming. His research showed that the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide has grown significantly in recent years from 315 ppm in 1958, with the increases correlated to fossil fuel emissions.

The film interviews leading scientists from around the world who present their projections that the Earth may warm 4-10 degrees by the end of the century, and what consequences this holds for our planet and various species, including humankind.

Our "sister" planet Venus is cited as an example in which natural events created "runaway" global warming, making life impossible. The scientists explore whether the Earth's temperature may one day equal that of Venus.
The Venus Theory
The Venus Theory

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