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Secrets of the Bay

This glowing film reveals the magnificent wildlife hidden among the six million human inhabitants of the San Francisco Bay Area.

A Film Judy Irving Chris Beaver

28 Minutes

All Ages
Item #:SEC-410

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Secrets of the Bay reveals the importance of the San Francisco Bay as a habitat for both wildlife and humans.

Take a tour of the Bay and discover its fabulous wildlife hidden among the six million human inhabitants of the Bay's shore — an endangered peregrine falcon nesting on the Bay Bridge...baby harbor seals learning to crawl into their marshland napping areas...a lovesick bird on a most unlikely “lover's lane”...and a beautiful shorebird ballet featuring slow-motion photography of pelicans, avocets, and a supporting cast of thousands.

Secrets of the Bay also showcases the human “critters” who revel in the bay -- Frank Quan, the last of the Chinese shrimp fishermen...and the fearless (some would say crazy) swimmers who “escape from Alcatraz” every New Year's Day.

Narrated by Jan Yanehiro, with original music by Emmy-Award-winning composer Gary Remal Malkin, Secrets of the Bay is a film to view again and again, a souvenir for visitors and a reminder for residents that San Francisco Bay is truly a national treasure to be cherished and protected for generations to come.
Secrets of the Bay
Secrets of the Bay

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