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Ryan's Well

This is the story of how Ryan Hreljak has raised over $70,000 to improve the lives of his pen pal Jimmy Akana, his family and his friends in Angolo, U

A film by Lalita Krishna

25 minutes and 50 Minutes

All Ages
Item #:RYA-916

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When Ryan Hreljac was six, his first-grade teacher informed the class that many people in Third World countries do not have access to clean water, and encouraged students to help raise money for the school to donate a well. Ryan does dishes, laundry and other chores to raise the money. When he finds out that the actual cost to build the well is $2000, he enlists friends and they work together to reach his goal.

He eventually raised over $70,000 to help the people of Uganda not only build a well, but also buy a drill to create additional wells. The news of Ryan's commitment and perseverance spread, inspiring other children to start raising money for his expanding social and environmental causes.

In this moving documentary we meet Ryan and his family, neighbors and friends who help him raise the money. We travel to Uganda and witness the meeting of the two very special pen pals, and the inaugural pumping of Ryan's Well. At this extraordinary moment, Ryan realizes that he has more friends in Uganda than just his pen-pal Jimmy. He has won the hearts of the entire community, and changed their lives forever.

Ryan's is a classic story of "the power of one." This film shows first hand how one determined spirit, regardless of age, can make a difference, if not inspire an entire generation.

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Ryan's Well
Ryan's Well

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