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Original Body of Pain

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A Film by SJ Wright and Dominic Silva

47 minutes

Scene Selection • Closed Captioned

Grades 11 - Adult
Item #:OBP-1174

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"One time I was in rehab, and they were talking about how there is an original body of pain. And you create more pain on top of that trying to handle the original thing that hurt you.”
Ashley Ramey

For pregnant women facing addiction, recovery is a family affair rife with judgment, stigma and plenty of obstacles along the way. Original Body of Pain captures the intense and often generational nature of addiction through portraits of two women trying to escape its clutches and a nurse dealing with the medical consequences. But infant drug withdrawals, relapses, and incarcerations will test their resolve and threaten their families' futures as these new mothers pursue recovery.

Set in Asheville, NC, the film follows Lisa and Ashley through pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond by profiling the highs and lows of motherhood — from first steps and birthday parties, to drug withdrawal, personal traumas, and relapses. Meanwhile, home health nurse Joanna Christoph treats the emerging issue of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome — when babies are born exposed to substances — with both grit and heart while struggling to make a dent in a community with an unrelenting demand for her help. For over a year, the film follows this particular case within the larger American opioid epidemic in an immersive, longitudinal fashion.

Told with compassion, integrity and love, Original Body of Pain documents the bravery and resilience of three strong women at different intersections of the opioid crisis, and makes a compelling statement for sympathy and understanding for those suffering from addiction. Through these women's stories, the film depicts the lasting effects of childhood trauma, confronts the judgement surrounding those suffering from addiction, and questions the efficacy of attempts to address the opioid crisis.

FILMMAKERS' STATEMENT: "We are not trying to pass the film off as the addiction experience of everyone in America, but as one entry in a broader conversation. It is an empathetic look at addiction rooted in factual and journalistic sensibilities. People tend of think of addiction as a moral failing, but a ton of research supports that it is a brain-based disorder with complex genetic and social underpinnings.

I can’t pretend to say that the film will change any laws, but I think this is an issue in which laws are so informed by people’s opinions. We’ve seen that punitive approaches haven’t worked as well as rehabilitation. That’s why it’s important to change hearts and minds about the reasons people deal with addiction. I want my film work in the future to be substantive and focus on real issues, but with an underpinning of humanity and emotion. I learned from every stage of this process how to step back and let the characters tell their stories."
S.J. Wright

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Original Body of Pain
Original Body of Pain

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