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One More Dead Fish

Documenting the plight of small-scale fisherman, brings to light the struggles faced by local industries and economies in the age of globalization.

A film by Stefan Forbes

56 Minutes

Grades 9 - Adult
Item #:ONE-924

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One More Dead Fish powerfully documents how destructive industrial fishing practices decimated the Grand Banks, once one of the most productive sources of seafood in the world. The film also tells the dramatic story of how local, more environmentally-friendly hook-and-line fishermen are battling factory fishing practices in order to survive in a globalized fishing industry.

In interviews with local fishermen, government officials, biologists, and industry CEO's, we learn about the central regulatory, legislative, and environmental issues. The film grounds the viewer in a clear historical context as it explains one of the world's great environmental disasters.

In examining the often Orwellian language of the multinational fishing industry, One More Dead Fish questions why we don't hear more about the true environmental costs of industrial fishing practices, partly the result of globalization. The film points towards the solutions to save the world's fisheries before it's too late.

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One More Dead Fish
One More Dead Fish

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