With Memorial Day weekend just passed, the summer season is finally here! It's likely many of us will be taking the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, so we want to bring you films that do so as well



With the US withdrawing from the landmark Paris Agreement, the need to educate about the impact of climate change is more pressing than ever. Not Without Us lays out that argument beautifully, and chronicles the global, grassroots movements that made the Paris agreement possible last year.

Future of Energy shows how easy it is for individuals, schools and businesses to spur positive climate impact, no matter governmental policy.More >

Revolution shows the devastating effects of increased fossil fuel production on the world's oceans, and offers solutions for the future. More >


Our company was deeply saddened this month by the loss of our co-founder, Award-winning documentarian Ian thiermann. Read our rememberance of this extraordinary individual and his notable life.



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