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Logan's Syndrome

A Film by Nathan Meier

79 minutes

Scene Selection • Closed Captioned

Grades 9 - Adult
Item #:LSR-1139

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Logan Madsen is one in a billion. Literally. Both he and his older sister Heather live with a condition called Miller syndrome, an incredibly rare genetic disorder that affects fewer than thirty people in the world. In spite of severe physical handicaps, he is able to create stunning, hyper-realistic paintings.

Shot over the course of five years, Logan's Syndrome takes us on a fascinating, personal journey as Logan faces daunting challenges through his art. Starting out as a painter of pretty flower portraits, his work evolves into an audacious series of pictures boldly depicting his body and his struggles with autism. As Logan paints, the story of his unique life unfolds -- from the breakup of his "perfect" Mormon family, to his eternal search for romantic love and his struggle to come to terms with his conditions.

It is his humor and courageousness that ultimately draws us into his world, shattering everything we think we know about disability, while reaffirming what it means to be human.

FILMMAKER'S STATEMENT: "People with disabilities are often marginalized. They are overlooked, forgotten or ignored. Logan’s Syndrome is a film that seeks to give a voice to an issue that many do not want, or know how to address. The film is a collaboration between myself and my childhood friend, Logan Madsen that began several years ago. We both wanted to document the journey of self-discovery he was undertaking through his art. Logan's paintings are confrontational and challenging, but they also open an important dialogue. He is in a unique position to honestly express what it's like to have a genetic birth defect and a form of high-functioning autism. Sharing his story is very important to Logan. He sees the film as his legacy, a lasting testament that will continue to enlighten and inspire, even after he is gone. This is a film about more than disability. Through their generous honesty and frankness, we are afforded an insight into the lives of a family that have faced truly extraordinary circumstances."
-Nathan Meier

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Logan's Syndrome
Logan's Syndrome

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